Human Resources Management System

Client Requirement

learndirect Ltd required a new HR Management Information System to be implemented.  Their requirements were for a fit for purpose HR system to be sourced, procured and fully implemented within agreed budget and timescales.

The service provided by our Consultant:

Lindsay led a project to research, procure and project manage the implementation of a HR Management Information system.  This project involved:

  • Working with key stakeholders from across the organisation to analyse requirements;
  • Working closely with HR system suppliers to research and source the system;
  • Leading the procurement process ensuring the tender delivered a quality and value for money product and service;
  • Leading the project management of the implementation and installation of the system; and
  • Transferring data ensuring a rigorous approach to accuracy and training employees on the new system.

The Outcome:

The outcome of this project was the successful procurement and implementation of a HR Management Information system. The system was able to effectively manage and manipulate a large amount of employee data, learning and development records and the organisation’s performance management process. The systems was also fully accessible to managers and leaders across the company.

The project was successfully delivered by Lindsay within agreed timescales and budget.

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