Business Coaching and Implementation of HR Documents and Processes

Client Requirement:

Healthy Eating and Lifestyle (HEAL) required business coaching in relation to the set up and business development of their social enterprise.  As a new organisation they also required a suite of HR information to be developed.  Their requirements included the development of bespoke terms and conditions of employment, employment contracts and a range of policies and procedures.  Subsequent requirements also included the development and implementation of an appraisal system and company induction programme.

Several early staffing issues also led to a requirement for HR support in relation to dealing with disciplinary, capability and other issues.

The service provided by our Consultant:

Intrinsic HR worked with HEAL to understand their business, goals and how they wanted their business to operate and develop.  At an early stage it was identified that a full range of HR documents was required and Intrinsic HR produced these on behalf of the organisation.  Although a very small organisation, the owners were keen to invest in employees, however didn’t have a budget to do this formally.  Intrinsic HR developed an induction programme and appraisal process for the organisation which allowed development needs to be identified with employees and a programme of individual and informal development to be established. This led to HEAL’s ability to retain employees and volunteers for long periods of time, ensuring that both the employees and HEAL benefited from the development.

Lindsay worked with HEAL on an ongoing basis to help work through a number of staffing issues including sickness absence, poor performance and conduct issues.  These issues were successfully resolved.

The Outcome:

Through an ongoing relationship with HEAL through a retained services contract, the organisation was successfully established and all HR documentation was implemented and kept up to date to ensure legal compliance.  The fact that Intrinsic HR were able to provide HR expertise allowed the organisation to provide the services they were funded to provide.

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